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Alan Smith
Let me briefly introduce myself: My name is Alan Smith. I'm English and have been living in Switzerland since 1963.

When I was 20 years old I suffered an accident as a result of which I had to stay in hospital for a lengthy period of time. There I got to know an Indian man who taught me the basics of palm reading. This craft fascinated me and was later to become my calling.

In 1963 I moved to Switzerland. My then still traditional profession allowed me to travel widely. One of my trips led me to India. There I was most impressed to see how seriously astrology and palm reading was performed. And it was there I was able to extend and complete my field of knowledge.

I started to read and literally devour any literature I could get my hand on about this art. Back again in Switzerland I began to practice what I had learnt in theory about palm reading. I wanted to find out if and if so, how far theory and practice really corresponded.

Since 1988 this art has become my profession and passion.

Apart from carrying out palm analysis I also offer half yearly or intensive courses for interested people. I am very flexible and work wherever I am required, offering courses in Bale, Zurich, and Lucerne.

And now back to my work - palm reading - which is also called chirology.

We work with our hands: They are our tools. With our hands we emphasise our words with gestures, we express our feelings and we make contact. On the palms of our hands there are lines that are drawn like rivers in a landscape. It is my job to read this map - to become a table of reference. These lines are the lines of life, i.e. the deeper the line is, the more energy flows through it. I try to translate these lines of life, to discover connections and to interpret them. There are lines in a palm that can change during the course of life, but there are also lines and patterns that remain the same from the point of birth until the time of death. The shape and composition of the hands and fingers also play a very important part. The art of the palmist is to compose all these signs, to translate and interpret them.

A session usually takes 1 to 1 ½ hours. The main emphasise can also - if so desired - be centred on either a professional or personal level.

I can see things that happened in the past, are happening at the present time and possibly at a future time. At this point I would like to emphasise that the future is determined by the free will of a person. The possibility to change one's life is always there until the very end.

And, as I have said before: The lines can also change. The characteristics of a person, however, his strengths and weaknesses, are fixed. When a person is aware of his characteristics, however, it is easier for him to manage and use them - this also is written in our palms.

My drawing a person's attention to those characteristics so that he knows more about them, enables him to deal with them more deliberately.

Therefore let's dare to have a look into your palms together - I am looking forward to accompanying you.